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Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd - 48 Cotswold Road | SS0 8AB Essex | tel.: +44 1702343228

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Anglo-Pole European Transport Ltd is a company that deals in deliveries of various cargo throughout Europe. Their main area of operation is Poland and the United Kingdom, however they do perform transportation services to and from other countries as well. Their vehicles are dependable and young, while the drivers have many years of experience and are able to deal with perplexing situations on the road and during the unloading. Working with them is especially suggested for people who need reliable shipping from Poland to the UK, as well as to many other territories.

Shipping from Poland to the UK

For companies operating between Poland and the UK, shipping goods is a very important part of them being able to function properly. The deliveries need to be performed on time and according to a strict schedule. Anglo-Pol European Transport Ltd is a company located in Essex that will make sure their clients have everything they need, while still offering some really attractive prices for their services. Shipping from Poland to the UK can be performed with their Mega Trucks that can take up to 26 pallets or with vans, offering great speed and mobility.

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