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Lybab AB - Förrådsvägen 4C | 181 41 Lidingö | tel.: +46 0812132300

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Lybab AB from Lidingö is a company with a long experience in constructing and renovating buildings and various other services dedicated to repairing architectural elements and keeping the space clean. The can take care of garden maintenance or snow removal, but also perform welding and forging services with a great accuracy. Each client is treated with great kindness and consulted throughout the many steps to ensure his full satisfaction. The services are priced individually according to the scope of the works they entail.

Welding and forging in Lidingö and the area

One of the many services the company offers is professional welding and forging in Lidingö. Qualified and experienced employees use advanced equipment to work on metal elements of various buildings and architectural elements. They can repair damaged gates, fences, railings and many others. They perform their tasks quickly and efficiently, finishing projects long before their deadline. The clients praise the welding and forging works for their precision, aesthetics and quality materials used by the team.


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