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Vacuflo specialises in modern vacuum systems that are based on a set of hoses placed all around the houses and connected to the central power unit. Thanks to that, whenever you want to clean a particular interior you can just take the pipe from the socket and turn the device on. There is no need to carry any equipment with you, what is particularly problematic in case of big houses with more than one floor. It is also convenient when it comes to changing the bag for impurities - you can do it just once in 4-8 months.

Central vacuum power unit

The most important part of the system prepared by Vacuflo is a central vacuum power unit. It is advised to place it in a spot where it does not disturb anyone much (for example a basement and a garage). As a result, all the noise will be cumulated there, while at your home it will be amazingly quiet. For this reason, parents with little babies and pet owners particularly appreciate such a solution. It may happen that a central vacuum power unit breaks or becomes outdated, so Vacuflo provides you with the possibility to order this part of the system separately if necessary.

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