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Baroo Software - 108 Lower Baggot Street | Dublin 2 | tel.: +48 544 449 444

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If you are seeking really skilful and experienced software developers, you should definitely check out the offer presented by Baroo. Their team is really dynamic and ambitious - they constantly improve their abilities and knowledge with modern solutions, so that their services could always meet the present standard on the market. What is more, they understand that the specifics of particular industries can be diverse, therefore they will adapt their work in such a way it could be appropriate for your business.

Software outsourcing - Poland

It is certainly beneficial to invest in software outsourcing from Poland, because it makes it possible to reduce the cost and still receive a service of the highest standard. All you have to do is to choose a partner carefully, taking into consideration if they are recommended by other companies or not. Baroo has been really appreciated by their customers, who are enterprises from various countries, such as Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States or Switzerland. They are specialised in four very popular and efficient technologies: iOS, Android, Grails and Java.

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