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SOCKS proxy solutions are known as one of the most dependable ways of changing one's IP address. is a shop specialising in selling packages of socks proxies. They are extremely easy to configure and install, especially since many Web browsers, FTP clients, SSH and torrent clients support their use. With the help of this particular protocol, a person is able to hide their location from the recipient and, what is the most important feature, protect their data and files from the omnipresent surveillance and data collection.

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PremSocks is known as a professional SOCKS proxy shop with a wide collection of available proxies. The first step of cooperation with the company is registering on their site. The very next thing that needs to be done is choosing a payment method and then depositing money. After transferring money to one's account, the buyer will be presented with the list of available packages of proxies - depending on his needs and the means he want to allocate on them. The customer is able to choose a number of proxies he has access to each day for a month. After picking the right package in the SOCKS proxy shop, he can use them however he wants.

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