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Lovter.com is the first internet journal that works internationally and focuses entirely on environment-friendly fireplaces. Its administrators are always up-to-date with the latest trends in this branch, showing their readers new designs that tend to be more and more creative and extraordinary. For example, a racing fan can order a model that looks like a helmet of a Formula 1 driver. Bio fireplaces do not have to be mounted in walls, hence they are more mobile and they allow for creating various interior arrangements.

Bio ethanol fire - safe beauty

Bio ethanol fire is as beautiful as the traditional one, but at the same time, it does not produce any substances that are harmful for our health and the environment. An old-fashioned fireplace can be easily turned into an ecological one, what is showed on a tutorial available on Lovter.com. What is more, it produces no ashes, hence you will not have to clean them. In order to make it even more decorative, you can add ceramic blocks resembling pieces of wood or elegant black stones. Such an amazing combination of beauty and ecology is certainly worth your attention.

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