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Madame Mazu - 21 LA COUTURE DE BAS ROUXEVILL | 50810 ROUXEVILLE | tel.: +48

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Madam Mazu is a company from France offering high-quality items made of sheepskin. Its collection is directed both to customers who appreciate traditional solutions used by the humanity for hundreds of years, but also to those who want to use more natural materials praised for their longevity. Products, such as a rug, a pillow or a pouffe manufactured using sheepskin are going to look magnificent in every interior, while their comfortable slippers are going to quickly become their owners’ new favourite house shoes.

Sheepskin pouffe

Sheepskin pouffe with elements made from natural wood, for example a birch-tree, nicely compliments both modern and traditional interiors. Minimalistic rooms are going to be more warm and charismatic, while the classic ones become even more cosy. The company prepared a couple of different products available in various styles and colours for customers to choose them according to their individual preferences. Sheepskin pouffes are going to look beautiful on raw wood benches, but also on leather lounge furniture.


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