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Fans of historical weaponry will definitely want to take a look at SpecialReplicas.com and the products it offers. The online shop sells impressive and realistic looking replicas of armours, firearms, swords and many other items. The company wants to satisfy all of its clients, which is why they supply them with various replicas from many different periods of history. The customer can buy a Templar, Viking or Roman sword, but also sabres and cutlasses from the most recent battles of World War II or World War I.

A realistic Roman sword reproduction

SpecialReplicasd.com works with famous manufacturers of weapon reproductions, known for their great attention to detail. The products they sell not only look like the items they are modelled on, but also feel this way - with similar weight and measurements. One of the melee weapons known from history, that can be bought via the online shop is a Roman sword. It is characterised by its wide, double cutting edge blade and a knobbed hilt. SpecialReplicas.com sells many variations of the Roman sword - the early gladius and the later spatha.

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