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MPack is an experienced and reliable company that deals in tube packaging for a wide range of industries – from food, to cosmetics and cleaning products. The containers they offer meet the EU norms and standards, as well as offer a cost effective option of storing a chosen substance. The use of polyethylene is not an accident – this material prevents any leakage and water absorption, plus it is very flexible and works well with many products. The company offers its customers the implementation of a chosen inscription and/or a graphic on the containers, which helps greatly in promoting the brand.

Plastic Tube

Even though tube packaging is a long process, that includes a variety of factors – from a carefully prepared project, to an advanced machine park responsible for materializing it, Mpack’s services are faultless. Every order is manufactured on time, with the team paying attention to the smallest details of the process. This helps in delivering solutions that fulfil the customers’ wishes and quickly gain the attention and appreciation from the audience. Tube packaging provided by MPack is not only a dependable option, but its cost-efficiency is especially welcomed by smaller companies.

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